5 Trendy Boys Haircuts and Which One You Should Choose for Your Child

Boys can be so hard to shop for sometimes. You get them clothes, and they grow out of them or put holes in them by the end of the month. You suggest styles to them, and they groan and beg for anything but that. And let’s not get started on the chores! 

Boy’s haircuts can be much the same thing. You try to suggest one, but your child doesn’t like it. What you like and what your son likes are often very different things! After all, if your parents are suggesting something or trying to force it on you, it just can’t be that cool. Boy’s haircuts are tricky like that. However, if you give your child a little input, they’ll have no trouble picking from one of the trendy styles kids around school and the neighborhood wear. 

Which hairstyle do you choose? Much of this depends on your child’s face shape, temperament, and sometimes whims—which can be mercurial at best! As parents, this often means we just split the difference and help them choose a style that will work best for them, with just the right amount of maintenance and flair. 

These trendy boy’s haircuts are versatile and come in varying degrees of required maintenance, each appealing to a different personality type and need. Many factors can influence haircut choice, including location, hair type, face shape, and even the time of year. The one thing you can count on remaining common across all these possibilities is that your child’s hair will grow nearly as fast as you get it cut! If one trendy style isn’t enough, another will certainly do the trick! 

Texture Quiff for the Clever Kid

Quiff haircuts are a timeless spin on a classic style that manages to be ultra-modern and always at the forefront of popular trends. They are versatile enough to be used year-round and in any environment, making them popular among kids of all ages and personalities. For parents, these hairstyles are relatively easy to maintain and help give your child a little bit of big kid style without sacrificing that endearing childlike appearance. Quiffs make for perfect kid’s haircuts because they hold up well to the wear of a boy’s daily life and because you can style them for more of a casual look or to create a classy, formal style as needed. 

While quiffs are all over modern trends, the hairstyle is one of the quintessential classic boy’s haircuts. You might think of the traditional quiff as one of the styles you’d see in a ’50s diner or playground, and you would be on the right track. The style keeps the hair shorter on the sides and back, opting for longer and more voluminous hair on top. For the top, the hair is styled up and back, creating a swept look that resembles a pompadour hairstyle. This style works best with thicker hair because it holds its body more, but for any hair type, you will want to use lots of styling products to keep a firm hold. 

If you’re looking for cool boy’s haircuts that can keep up with trends and give your child the confidence that only a brand-new haircut can provide, a textured quiff with a low fade works perfectly. The layered locks up top make for an excellent texture look when cut and styled, giving the hairstyle a distinct silhouette. This textured look is also relatively low-maintenance, making it easier for kids and parents on the go since you can toss the quiff and not have to worry too much about styling—messiness is part of the appeal! 

The hair is shaved thinner for the fade in a blended transition around the sides and back. This makes the style bold, masculine, and easy to maintain, which is why it’s great for your child. 

Any personality type may be drawn to a textured quiff with or without the fade. This haircut offers shy kids a confident and enduring look to help bolster their self-esteem. 

Faux Hawk

Sort of a cousin to the quiff hairstyle, a faux hawk trims the hair short on the sides and back but keeps it longer on top, opting for a thicker and more voluminous style. Rather than merely sweeping it up and back, the faux hawk is styled together in the center to create a ridged or spiky appearance. In many ways, this resembles the mohawk from which this style gets its name. Because of the firmness needed for the faux hawk to stay styled, this one is a high-maintenance style compared to a messier quiff. You’ll want to stock up on hair styling products such as gels and sprays to keep the hawk in place!

Faux hawks have a few different variations, mainly depending on the hair’s thickness and the length left on the sides and back. For example, you can combine a faux hawk with a fade for an edgier, crisp look that works well for a young man looking to make a strong statement. You can also keep the sides shorter so that the faux hawk has less body, which tends to work better for younger children, especially when their hair grows so fast. 

If you opt for a faux hawk with fade, you can always shave a design into the fade, which is popular among boys. Otherwise, the sides and back can be left a little longer to emphasize the body of your child’s hair, or you can clip shorter for a no-muss, no-fuss styling option. 

Faux hawks appeal to the adventurous ones; they’re the ultimate cool kid’s haircuts. Even if your child is shy, this hairstyle works wonders for confidence and might help him make a few new friends!

Spiky Top, Low Sides (With or Without Design)

Ah, the “spike”—many of us remember the first time we got the ultimate trendy haircut and had ours spiked! This is the trendsetter, the look that says, “I’m too cool for school (but I’m here anyway ’cause it’s good for me)!” Spiky top haircuts feature a close cut on the sides and back, making them easy to maintain. Spiking may or may not take hair gel, but if your child’s hair is thick enough, he may be able to run his fingers through it and have it dry in a relatively soft spike, making it also resemble a quiff style. 

These factors make a spiky top great for any boy, whether active or mild-mannered, but it lends itself well to the more rugged sort of boy. You can opt for a design with the shaved sides if that excites your child. Either way, a spiky hairstyle will always be trendy, easy to maintain, and stylish. 

Low Fade, Hard Part

If your child is growing into a young man, a hard-parted hairstyle might be the perfect thing to emphasize his transition from the adorable boyish features you’ve grown to love over the years into the bright young man you know he’s becoming. The hard parts are just that: styled thicker on top, even to the point of being like a quiff or faux hawk, except these are parted on the side. The part is heavily emphasized, giving the hair a strong sense of shape and definition. You can leave the lower parts thicker or shave them into a fade. 

Combining the hard part with a low fade creates an exciting contrast of lighter hair with a thicker, more well-shaped mess up top. You could scarcely do any better than this for a young man’s haircut! The best part is that this style fits all personality types, from bold and outgoing to shy and quiet thinkers. This look is sophisticated and modern, so for young men looking to stand out a little from the elementary schoolers they used to be, the hard part with a fade might be the best choice. 

Crew Cut

No list of boys’ haircuts would be complete without the crew cut. Though certainly a classic style going back many decades, crew cuts retain their popularity year after year because of their simplicity. The crew cut looks sleek and honed for a boy becoming a young man, but it’s also easy to maintain. As your child stresses his independence and individuality more, having a style that looks good and is easy for him to perfect is essential. The crew cut fits the bill! 

This style cuts the hair short on the sides and back and most of it up top, allowing a little more toward the front. With some slight variations, you can turn a crew cut into a mini-quiff style, make a very short faux hawk, or easily blend it into a fade. Crew cuts are basic and streamlined enough to be versatile like this, yet they won’t get in your child’s way. Many young men prefer this style for its ease of use and flattering length, and it works well with most face shapes. 

Once again, crew cuts appeal to all personalities, from shy to sociable and everything in between. A smart cut can look great paired with your child’s favorite outfit, and it can handle a little grass and dirt for all those after-school activities. 

Other Things to Consider

Consider several other essential things for a complete approach to choosing your boy’s haircut. What is your child’s personality? Is he shy or reserved? Does he prefer to be the life of the party, always at the center of attention in his group? A bolder, more daring style like a faux hawk might work for the latter, whereas you may opt for a hard part with a low (or even no) fade to emphasize your little brainiac’s reserved and sophisticated nature. 

Look at your child’s clothing style as part of this decision-making process. Look at pictures and see which hairstyles best suit your young man’s wardrobe, and be sure to ask the expert barbers in our shop. 

Finally, the thickness of your child’s hair will impact how certain styles look and behave. This includes whether or not they will be easy to maintain. Thicker hair will hold its shape more readily than thinner hair, but that doesn’t mean your child has to go without a spike or faux hawk. You might need to apply a little more product or have the barber cut the hair in a way that helps minimize the challenge of styling your son’s hair. 

We are confident that you and your child will always be able to enjoy just the right trendy style. Jude’s Barbershop excels at helping men find the right look to make them feel confident, comfortable, and more themselves, regardless of their age or lifestyle. 

The Best Barbers, the Right Styles

Our expert barbers specialize in men’s haircuts, including boy’s styles. We can always cater to your specific style requests or specialty haircut. With our extensive experience catering to men, young and old, in all kinds of lifestyles and different personalities, careers, and interests, we guarantee that Jude’s Barbershop can give you and your child the best haircuts they’ve ever had. The difference is in more than just the style; the difference is in how you feel when you walk out of our barbershop. 
Do you want to choose the right haircut for your boy? The decision starts with scheduling at Jude’s Barbershop and seeing the difference that experience makes.

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