Straight Razor Fade
Education Class

  • Who

    Jude's Barbershop educators Alicia and Ashley

  • What

    FREE Straight Razor Fade Education Classes to ANYONE interested in learning the tips and tricks of the trade for the perfect straight razor fade! Whose invited? YOU ARE! Whether you're a current Jude's Barbershop team member, a curious licensed professional who's not yet a Jude's team member or you're someone whose thinking about getting into this great industry!

  • When

    Monday, November 4th
    First class: 9am
    Second class: 6pm

  • Where

    Jude's Barbershop East Paris
    3975 28th SE
    Grand Rapids MI 49512


Barbershop Education

When you need to brush up on a new technique or want to learn a different way to do a low fade haircut with a textured quiff.

Learn the basic men and boys haircuts as well as the extreme more technical haircuts.

Learn step by step how to do Straight Razor Face Shaves, Head Shaves and Neck Clean-ups.

Learn everything you need to know about Hair Designs- from simple to intricate.

Learn how to use pomades, gels, foams, waxes, beard oil, beard balms, etc.

Education - the Key to our Success

Education is the key to our success. We have 3 full-time educators available to provide FREE education to ALL of our team members in both groups and one on one settings. At Jude’s Barbershop, we are happy to invest our time and money to provide all of our team members with the education they need to be successful! In return, all we ask is that you show up with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn!

Several times per year we invite outside educators come to Michigan to provide exclusive classes in a group setting to all of our team at no cost.  These classes provide some amazing in depth techniques that help bring everyone’s skills up a notch or two.

With 3 full-time educators, Jude’s Barbershop provides on going education to all team members either in a group setting or one on one.  You can feel confident if you need some help, we have educators available to you.  

We know many newly licensed hair professionals may be nervous and unsure of their newly acquired skills coming out of school.  We know how you feel.  Everyone starts with these same apprehensions and concerns to some degree.  We’ve taken many newly licensed professionals, provided them with one on one training and had them working with confidence in no time.