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Jude’s Barbershop is a locally owned West Michigan family business.


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Thank you for making an appointment with one of our Service Providers. We really appreciate your business, truly. Please keep in mind when you make an appointment with one of our Service Providers it's important to keep your appointment as their income comes from that block of time. If you cancel at the last minute or "no show", they have no income from that lost time. We understand that sometimes it's unavoidable. We are truly blessed to have so many amazing people who call Jude's Barbershop their barbershop.

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Vibrating Shoulder Massage

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Barber Shop near Me

Jude’s Barbershop was created for the modern man.  We’re a locally owned, and operated family business with Midwestern values.

Most hair salons are designed for women, leaving guys feeling like they walked into the wrong place to get their haircut. Jude’s Barbershop was created as a place for men or boys so they too, would have a place where they feel most comfortable while getting a haircut. 

We brought back those old fashion barber shop services all guys enjoy; straight razor shaves, relaxing scalp massage & shampoo with a hot towel treatment.  We also offer several other services guys like; beard trim, gray blending color, scalp treatments, and waxing.

We now have 26 barber shops throughout Western and Northern Michigan so if you’re searching for a Barber Shop Near Me Jude’s Barbershop we’ll probably show up.  Barber Shop Near Me is a great way to find us when you’re looking for a shop where you can get amazing old fashion barber shop services, not old fashion hairstyles.  We’re always current with men’s hairstyle trends as well as boys hairstyle trends so you don’t have to worry.

The amazing energy in each Jude’s Barbershop is similar but different, in a great way.  Each shops Teams brings their energy and personalities to the personality to each shop.  You can feel in when you walk in.   

Jude’s Barbershop specializes in Men’s Haircuts, Boys Haircuts, and many other barbershop services. We cut men’s hair all day every day, and we’re really good at it. We know what looks good on you, your son, your father, and your grandfather too. We know the trends in men’s hair. We’ll make sure all the males in your family look amazing!

Our Barber Shop Near Me Page has all of our locations listed so you can find your favorite.

"I love this place!!" - Scott H
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