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Is there a difference between getting a men’s haircut at a barber shop or a salon?

Salons typically specialize in women’s and girls hair while barbershops specialize in Men’s and Boys Hair. A man can get a good haircut at a beauty salon, but if you want to make sure you’re in the hands of experts- a barbershop is probably a better fit. Beauty Salons also perform services that smell terrible and even toxic, like perms and nail stuff- no thank you! Pretty In Pink was a great movie, but it’s not the image I have in mind when I’m thinking of the place to get my male haircut.

A Mans Haircut Place

Do you really want to be surrounded by a bunch of ladies talking about their gynecological exam, cellulite, or how their daughter’s boyfriend cheated on her daughter with her other daughter? Maybe, but I’d rather talk about cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, guns, sports, and rockets. If the smell of permed hair and lady talk is your thing, then, by all means, go ahead.

Old Fashion Barber Shop

It can be a little intimidating to consider getting your haircut at a barbershop if you’ve never been. The thought of the iconic old man barber in a shop that hasn’t been updated in well, never. TV shows and movies depict this dated view of the “barber” where every guy gets a buzzcut no matter what. Barbershops are similar but there’s a great degree of difference that separates the old fashion barbershop from the Modern Barbershop.

Modern Barbershop

Today’s modern barbershop is nothing like the stereotypical barber shops from long ago. The interior of the modern barbers shop is more like what you’d find in a man cave- metals; chrome, diamond plate, wood floors, leather, darker colors, artwork, and posters with sports themes, cars and trucks, girls, music, guy movies, and tv shows. There are also TVs playing sports and masculine music choices playing throughout the modern barbershop.

When you work on only guys’ hair, you get really good at it. You also see similar issues and concerns and have solutions to fix them. Many guys have scalp issues and with the right treatment both in the barbershop and with product use at home, many guys experience relief with very good solutions.

Products For Guys

The products now offered in a barbershop were designed for the modern man to help solve his hair problems like thinning hair, naturally curly hair, and even when grey hair starts showing up. Barbershops now have specialty products for men. Hair products, like shampoos, conditioners, curl enhancers, scalp treatments, styling creams, waxes, and pomades that all have masculine smells that do an amazing job keeping men’s hair on point. Beard products too from oils to waxes and scrubs.

Color And Waxing

Many guys as they get older they want to cover up some of their grey hair. A Grey Blending Color service does an amazing job of blending your grey hair so its less noticeable but natural.

As men get older hair starts to grow from crevasis in our nose and ears and may even create a unibrow. Fortunately the modern barbershop has waxing which easily removes those unwanted hairs while your in the shop for your haircut. Mens waxing is quick and easy leaving the surface so smooth, you’ll have a hard time not touching. The women in your life will surely take notice.

Barbershop Services

Even the names of some barbershop services are all guy themed. Are there any salons out there with a Wise Guy Haircut? I don’t think so! What about the Hangover Treatment? Again, probably not! Do you think Molly and her friends are getting the Damn Good Haircut? Nope! Ladies we have a special on our Beard and Mustache Trims. Is anyone interested? The modern barbershop has Barbers and Hair Styles who specialize in men’s haircuts and boys haircuts too. These specialists know the trends in men’s hairstyles and keep up with cool haircuts for boys while still being able to fit in a buzzcut when needed.

Facial hair is so popular that if your clean shaven, you may stand out. From scruff to full beards, this trend seems to be hear to stay. The modern barber shop is ready willing and able to help you maintain your beard and mustache. You can get a Beard Cleanse and Conditioning service to really treat your facial hair well. The Damn Good Beard Trim and Shaping service can really dail an unruly beard into shape.

Straight Razor

Your not going to find any Straight Razor services in a beauty salon but you will in a barbershop. Straight Razor Face Shave is the classic barbershop service that each guy needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. A great haircut includes a Straight Razor Neck Clean-up which leaves the back of your neck silky smooth for days. You have a hard time keeping your hands off of this incredible smoothness. Warm shaving cream on the back of your neck followed by skilled hands with the extremely sharp straight razor sliding across your skin removing all. Guys love it!

Modern Barber Stylist

The modern barbershop has it all. Skilled professionals who specialize in guys hair working in a shop designed with the modern man in mind providing service designed just for him and maybe his son and father and even grandfather. Yes, today’s modern barbershop is not your grandfather’s barber shop, but he’s always welcome.

Is there a difference between a barbershop haircut and one you get at a beauty salon? We think there is but you be the judge.

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