Benefits of a Relaxing Barbershop Scalp Massage


We feel that everyone needs a scalp massage right before a haircut. Not only does a scalp massage offer you some unique benefits, but getting one before a haircut is very practical. You’re already at the barbershop, so why not take care of yourself before continuing your day?

The Benefits of a Scalp Massage

A scalp massage has several unique benefits. A scalp massage can relieve stress and tension while stimulating hair growth and thickness.

Relieve Stress

A scalp massage can help relieve stress because the top of your head is much more sensitive than most of your other body parts. The relaxing, soothing, sudsy scalp massage works against the muscles in your scalp and massages the tender nerves to send endorphins and other stimuli down the rest of your body. After all, it is your brain that sends these feelings to the rest of your body, and by having a scalp massage be so close to the focal point of your body’s reactions, you ensure the pleasure travels down.

Relieve Tension

Have you ever sat in a shower for longer than you should, letting the warmth melt away your tension? A scalp massage applies warmth and comfort right to the source, helping your body relax and forget about the worries of the world around you. When you finish, you will feel like you just took a hot bath. It is much like a shortened spa day at the men’s barbershop.

Stimulate Hair Growth

For many men, balding and hair loss is common. A scalp massage, especially in a men’s barbershop, can help stimulate hair growth and health. As the scalp is massaged, the hair follicles are encouraged to grow as the scalp is exfoliated. This can help fill in unsightly thinning and promote natural hair growth–rather than relying on expensive products. 

Improve Hair Thickness

We want a thick head of hair, but if we deprive our hair of essential nutrients and moisture, it will take longer to achieve that desired thickness. A scalp massage replenishes your hair, thickening the hair follicles by enriching them with nutrients and moisture. It fills out unsightly thinning, creating the illusion of hair growth. Scalp massages stretch the hair follicles, making single strands fuller and longer.

When Should You Get a Scalp Massage?

Ideally, you want to get a scalp massaged every time you get a haircut. In the barbershop, haircuts should be done after a scalp has been massaged, ensuring that new hair growth will occur after much of it is removed and stylized. A scalp massage can offer you stress and tension relief, which means you should feel as amazing after a haircut as if you just exited the shower. Avoid itchiness; instead, take the time to feel relaxed.

Where can You Get a Scalp Massage With Your Haircut?

At Jude’s Barbershop, haircuts and scalp massages are what we specialize in. We can help you look your best while eliminating daily stress and tension.

Contact us immediately and schedule an appointment to look and feel your best.

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