Best Beard Grooming Tips For Men


What are the best beard grooming tips for men who maintain a healthy beard? Aside from getting a beard trim once in a while, here are some helpful tips to ensure your beard is as luscious as you desire.

Why Should You Keep Up With Beard Grooming?

Despite the obvious hygienic benefits, beard grooming should be a badge of pride for any man sporting a beard. An unkempt, wild, unhealthy beard leads to more trouble than good.

Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff occurs with improper beard grooming and maintenance. Beard dandruff is usually caused by dry, irritated skin under your beard, brought about by a lack of maintenance. It can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and misconstrued with lousy hygiene.

Increase Comfort

Even a mustache can become uncomfortable if it grows too long. When you go out to eat or drink, a long beard or mustache causes more discomfort as the hair gets soaked in whatever you’re drinking or pulled by your lips when you take a bite. When you refuse to get a beard trim, the hair grows out of control.

Men’s grooming products and beard grooming lead to increased comfort. If you lack either, your facial hair will be dry, long, and unruly.

How to Maintain Your Beard

If you are going to grow out your beard, why wouldn’t you want to maintain and take care of it?

There are many ways to maintain your beard correctly, and it can be worked into a daily morning routine while you bathe.

Five Simple Steps to Maintain Your Beard

  • Wash Your Beard: Your beard is hair. There are plenty of men’s grooming products to help you wash your beard. This can help eliminate yeast growth on the hair and hydrate your skin, preventing dandruff by eliminating irritated, dry skin.
  • Condition Your Beard: After surviving the elements, your hair needs nutrients and repair. One of our beard grooming tips is to include conditioner after a shampoo, where you let it sit in your beard for several minutes to nourish the hair follicles properly.
  • Dry Your Beard Gently: It is always tempting to dry your beard as fast as possible, but if you do that, you will eliminate the shampoo and conditioner you applied. Take it slow, pat the beard dry, and let it dry naturally.
  • Apply Beard Oil: When your beard is dry, apply beard oil. Beard oil is an extra layer of nourishment and moisture for your beard, helping it remain soft and healthy.
  • Brush Your Beard: Combing your beard feels terrific, so why not do it daily? This clears debris, loose hair, and dry skin from your beard, leaving it healthier.

Use Non-Harmful Products

We understand everyone has a budget, but when looking for beard grooming products, ensure they are not harmful to your skin, hair, or body. It can be tempting to buy an affordable beard shampoo with dyes and chemicals that dry out your skin, but we encourage you to find healthy, effective, and potent products for your beard’s health.

Where Can You Get a Good Beard Trim?

Jude’s Barbershop has been providing beard trims for almost two decades and has a wonderful selection of beard grooming products catered to men who love their beards.

For more beard grooming tips or other information, click here!

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