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Cosmetology was always a field of interest for me. Ever since I was a little girl I would always style my barbies’ hair, and even try to cut my own! When I was in cosmetology school, I was introduced to Jude’s at a career fair held by my school. Out of all the booths, Jude’s Barbershop was the first to catch my attention. Not only did they have a ton of locations to choose from, but to my surprise they were a family owned company! As a stylist that was really important for me to feel like I was apart of a community and not just a number. I’ve been with Jude’s coming up on 3 years now and I couldn’t ask for a better family! I started knowing nothing but how to hold a pair of clippers, little did I know how far this company would take me. I’ve grown so much as a stylist, team member, and now manager of our West River Dr. location thanks to Jude’s. They not only welcomed me into the industry brand new with open arms, but also formed me into the stylist I am now. Looking back, I would’ve ran at the idea of ever becoming a manager. Jude’s gave me the confidence, education, and drive that I needed to be successful and I’m excited to continue to grow with my team and this company!


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Frequently asked questions

What is your dress code ?

Our laid back dress code allows you to express yourself in a way that is comfortable while keeping on trend with the latest fashion OR jeans and a t-shirt.

Do you pay hourly or commission ?

Hourly = $
Commission = $$$

Its important each team member can earn a living based on what they’re worth, rather that the number of hours they work. We pay commission so you can make a higher amount of money than you would on hourly.  Our employees earn over $24 per hour at some locations while the average company wide is over $19 per hour.

Do you offer full or part-time ?

We offer a flexible schedule so that you have time to earn a living while having the time to spend it.

Do I have to do 6-minute haircuts ?

If you can do a 6-minute haircut, Jude’s Barbershop is NOT the place for you!  Jude’s Barbershop focuses on quality haircuts and great customer service that leaves every customer happy, relaxed and eager to come back for their next haircut.

Is there room to grow ?

You can move up to  level 2 pricing, be an assistant manager, manage your own location, become an educator or work in our main office that offers many non service positions.

Do I need to have my own clients ?

We have more clients than we can handle.  Come help us.

I'm not a barber, but I'm a cosmetologist ?

We hire both licensed barbers and cosmetologists.  Most of our service providers have a cosmetology license but we don’t discriminate.  

Do you offer any education and training ?

Education is the key to our success. We have 3 full-time educators available to provide FREE education to ALL of our team members in both groups and one on one settings. At Jude’s Barbershop, we are happy to invest our time and money to provide all of our team members with the education they need to be successful! In return, all we ask is that you show up with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn!

What is the vibe in your barbershops ?

Upbeat, positive and professional where you’ll look forward to coming to work.  We have many team members that have celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  

What benefits do you offer ?

We offer the following benefits;

    • Paid Vacation/Sick Time
    • Health Insurance (Jude’s pays 52.9% of eligible employee premium)
    • Profit Sharing (coming in January)
    • 401k Retirement (coming in January)
    • Free Education & Training
    • Tips paid daily (no deductions)
    • Free Equipment
    • Trendy Laid Back Dress Code
    • Child Care Discount
    • Employee Family Discounts

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