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Barber  / (n)

A person who cuts hair, especially a man’s, and shaves or trims beards as an occupation.

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Jude’s Barbershop Eastown in Grand Rapids near East Grand Rapids opened in August of 2011 when we relocated our East Grand Rapids barber shop. The original barber shop opened in July of 2006 with long wait times and a much smaller shop. Our Eastown shop is very busy but has more room to grow. We have a parking lot and there plenty of parking on the street.

We specializing in Men's Haircuts, Boys Haircuts, and other barber shop services for customers in the Grand Rapids area near Eastown who want classic barber shop services in a modern barber shop; straight razor shave, straight razor neck clean-up, vibrating shoulder massage, hot towel treatment, relaxing scalp massage/shampoo. Guys haircare is all we do. It's our specialty so you're in good hands when your sitting in one of our barber chairs.

The haircare products we retail in our barber shops are for mens hair. Tips; If you have oily hair what shampoo should you use?

Our Eastown barber shop located on the north side of Wealthy ST between Woodmere Ave and Norwood Ave in a building with other businesses. We're near Jimmy John's, Harmony Brewing Company and Gino's Pizza. You can access our parking lot off Wealthy St.

When you're in the Eastown area of Grand Rapids and looking for a great haircut experience, provided in a classic barber shop, come to Jude's Barbershop Eastown. We have all of the classic barber shop services you'll love; straight razor face shaves, warm shaving cream lather for your neck and face, beard and mustache trims, facial waxing. Take a break from your day with a nice relaxing haircut. Feel the tension ease away as you sit back and enjoy our amazing old fashion barbershop services in our modern barber shop with our relaxing vibes inside.

Are you are looking for great Men's Haircut ideas; check out the Top 11 Mens Haircuts for 2021 at Jude's Barbershop. If you’re looking for cool Haircuts for Boys we have them all covered on this page too.

Our 2 closest Jude's Barbershop locations to our Eastown barber shop are;
Jude's Barbershop Forest Hills
Jude's Barbershop Fuller

Jude's Barbershop Eastown provides all of these haircuts and more;

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Eastown Michigan

• Men's Haircuts
• Boys Haircut

Fades and Tapers

• fade haircuts
• fades haircut
• taper haircuts
• low fade haircuts
• high fade haircuts
• military haircuts
• flat top haircuts

Specialty Haircuts

• high and tight haircuts
• pompadour haircuts
• mohawk haircuts
• haircuts for curly hair boys
• short haircuts for boys
• long haircuts for boys
• shag haircut

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions from barber shop experts.

How much does a barber shop haircut cost at your Eastown barbershop ?

A barber shop haircut at Jude’s Barbershop Eastown varies by the type of haircut you want. Jude’s Barbershop Eastown has a great selection of men’s haircuts and boys haircuts for you to choose from. Our most popular haircuts are:

  • Damn Good Haircut
  • Jude’s Haircut
  • Men’s Haircut
  • Wise Guy Haircut
  • Boys Haircut

Our Eastown barbers/stylists, who are in higher demand because of their advanced knowledge and skills, charge more than our basic prices.

What other service do you offer ?

In addition to traditional barber shop services like haircuts and shaves, Jude’s Barbershop Eastown also offers:

  • Beard Trim and Shaping (simple to complex)
  • Mustache Trims and Shaping (simple to complex)
  • Straight Razor Face Shaves
  • Straight Razor Neck Shaves
  • Straight Razor Head Shave
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Men’s Facial Treatment (Hangover Treatment)
  • Grey Blending Color Service (take some years off)
  • Waxing – Ears, nose, eyebrows
  • Boys Haircuts

How to choose a barber shop near me ?

Choosing a barber shop near you comes down to what you’re comfortable with:

  • Does the barber shop have a good vibe?
  • Do the barbers and stylists seem friendly and welcoming?
  • Do their barbers and stylists seem capable, and do they have a lot of experience?
  • Do their prices fit your price range?
  • How are their reviews?
  • What do your male friends (with great haircuts) recommend?
  • Check out the barber shop nearest to you and see if you like it. Ask a few questions.
  • Is the barber shop near you close to your home or work?
  • Does the barber shop offer the services you’re looking for?

What are different types or technique of men's haircuts ?

There are may types and techniques of men’s haircuts:

  • Buzz Cut – basic military haircut that is very short with the same length over your entire head using clippers and a one guard.
  • Crew Cut – top of the head cut short but longer than the sides and back.
  • Fade Haircut and Taper Haircuts – hair is longer on top with the sides and back tapered into the skin.
  • High and Tight – a military variant of a crew cut with the sides and back of the head shaved to the skin.
  • Flat Top – hair at the top of the head is cut to form a flat profile.

How much do you tip for a barber shop haircut in Eastown MI ?

Always tip based on the service you receive. If the service was amazing, more. If the service was less than, less. The average tip ranges from 20% to 30%. All of our barbers and stylists love what they do, and when they are offered a tip based on the service they provided, it lets them know how they did.

How is a barber shop different than a hair salon ?

Barber Shops specialize in mens haircuts and boys haircuts and other barber shop services; hot towel shaves, beard trims, mustache trims, etc. Our barbers and stylists work on male haircuts all day every day, so they are very good at it. Salons specialize in women’s hair and occasionally provide a guy’s haircut. Salons also have the perm and nail service smells, which can be toxic.

What questions should you ask when choosing a barber shop in Eastown Michigan ?

Asking great questions when visiting or calling a barber shop can help you determine if its the right barber shop for you. For your convenience, we’ve included most of these answers on our website. When choosing a barbershop, always ask these important questions.

  • What barbershop services do you offer?
  • What are your hours?
  • Do you take appointments?
  • What do you charge for a haircut?
  • What types of payment methods do you accept?
  • Can you provide the type of haircut I’m looking for?
  • Has your barbershop won any awards?
  • When is your next opening for a men’s haircut?

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Barber Stylist

Devin is a licensed cosmetologist for more than 13 years and has called Jude’s Barbershop home for 5 of those years. Devin loves doing a variety of men’s haircuts, but her favorite barber shop services are fades and beard trims. In her spare time Devin loves to go camping, hiking, tubing, kayaking or just relax on the beach.

specialists in men's haircuts

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