Five Things You Get with the Jude Haircut

Lots of people who visit our shop get that we’re into the Beatles. They hear us singing! But they might not know all of what they can expect from a top-tier haircut here at Jude’s Barbershop, or why people are so happy to come back that they push each other aside coming in the door. 

Here are five elements of the Jude haircut – our unique approach to making you look your best! Let’s talk about that a little bit, as we gear up the jukebox to play some hits from the boys from Liverpool.

Scalp Massage

The scalp massage really relaxes someone who’s in the barbershop chair. It’s part of a lot of high-end haircuts, but there’s a lot of shops that skip this step, too.

It’s really part of the experience, you might say, and we consider that as we put our business model together. 

Shoulder Massage

In addition to the scalp massage, we actually massage the shoulders with vibrating equipment.

Both of these massages serve to relax the individual and elevate the experience of getting your haircut in a refined environment. Isn’t the shoulder massage like one of those chairs at the mall? People love putting money into those, but this is a unique way to experience the relaxation of muscle and tissue jostling. 

Hot Towel

The hot towel can open up your pores, and relax your hair follicles, and it’s also nice and relaxing. While you have a chat about your favorite album and whether the White Album beats Sgt. Peppers for hits, you can enjoy the soothing heat of the hot towel, and take a minute to “just be.”

Straight Razor Cut

Old-school barbershops used the straight razor to get a good shave on areas of the head and neck where you don’t want any unnecessary fuzz. Even John and Yoko might like that! Although in some ways, it might seem “anti-hippie,” getting rid of that extra hair can feel great and enhance your impression of yourself. 

We still use the straight razor, as do many high-quality barbershops and specialty salons, because even though we have a lot of new interesting technology, these analog tools are still ultimately effective in creating the best impressions. That’s part of the game, the barbering game, and at the end of the day, if you’re worried about your longhair cred, don’t worry – it will all grow back quicker than you can “imagine” – no pun intended!

A Precision Haircut

What else is there to say? We style, trim, fade and create manicured edges like no other barbershop around. Come on in and see!

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