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Derma-Solve products

I’ve had scalp issues my entire life. It started with dandruff when I was a kid and has advanced to psoriasis now as an adult. It seems there’s a cycle to my flaky scalp which causes itching and flaking that gets better and worse throughout a 3 weeks period. If I shampoo my hair and scalp every day it seems to do better but the busyness of life sometimes causes me to skip a day and most times my scalp gets worse.

I’ve Tried Everything

When I was a kid I tried dandruff shampoo from the grocery store and it worked for a time but my condition got worse as I got older. I’ve tried professional dandruff shampoo from the salon or barbershop with better results but my scalp still remained itchy and flaky. I’ve used medicated shampoo prescribed by a dermatologist with limited results. As a home remedy, I use apple cider vinegar on my scalp and let it dry then jump in the shower and use a good professional shampoo and condition like Surface Awaken. This is something I still do from time to time as an alternative to my regular routine.

Something New For Your Scalp

Recently my wife Heather found a new professional product line from Derma Solve which is labeled “Psoriasis” but really can be used on any hair and scalp which needs to dampen the itchiness which can really flare up in the dry cold winters in Michigan. These products come with a really good shampoo and conditioner, scalp oil which is put on after you get out of the shower. Their Cream is an amazing product that stops itchiness immediately. If you want scalp relief you need to try the Derma Solve Cream. I just take small dabs of it and rub it on my fingertips then apply it on my scalp- rubbing it in throughout. As a side benefit, it’s an amazing styling product. So for the price of a good styling product you get an amazing scalp treatment too.

Winter Scalp Dryness

As winter approaches everything gets dryer including your hair and scalp. This is a great time to try something new to help alleviate the dryness in your hair and scalp. Many men have dry flaky scalps during the winter season. Ask your Barber or Hair Stylist to use the Derma Solve Shampoo and Conditioner on your scalp during your next men’s haircut. Ask them to also use the Derma Solve Cream on your scalp and to style your hair too.

Beard Issues

Many guys have dry itchy beards too. Derma Solve product work amazingly well in this area too. When booking your next online appointment for your men’s haircut, add our new Jude’s Beard Trim & Shaping which includes;

  • Trim & Shape your Beard & Mustache
  • Straight razor line up for extra clean lines
  • Relaxing Moisturizing Treatment to improve overall texture & appearance

Scalp Relief At Last

I’ve been using the Derma Solve Shampoo and Derma Solve Cream for the past 6 months and can report they’re the best ones I’ve ever used. I occasionally use the Derma Solve Conditioner too. I get consistent relief using the shampoo and conditioner and extra relief from the cream. The Cream has a dual use as it stops itching immediately and is also a great styling product. Anytime my scalp starts to itch, I take a small amount of the cream and rub it into my fingers and then apply it to my hair and rub it all the way down to my scalp. Instant relief from all itching. If you’re having any issues with an itchy flaky scalp, give these Derma Solve products a try, and hopefully, you’ll get a little help for your scalp too.

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