How To Choose the Right Barbershop for Your Boys Haircuts

Finding the right barbershop for your children can be challenging, especially for young boys who have more energy than they know what to do with. When you choose the right barbershop, it can make a young boy feel like a young man.

But how do you know which barbershop suits your boys haircuts? We’ve compiled a lovely list of tips to help you decide where to schedule your next boys haircuts.

Client Reviews

Before deciding where to get the boys haircuts, check the client reviews. If a barbershop has impressive reviews on its own website or Yelp, that’s probably a good sign that it’s a great barbershop to trust with your kid’s first day of school haircuts.

Not every client review is created equal. Some people value certain things more than others, so it helps to look through each review and see which points of praise, or contention, suit your needs for your boys’ haircuts.

What to Look For In a Client Review

You should consider these keywords and information when looking at client reviews. A genuine client review will have most of what is listed here.

  • Techniques: How are the barbers creating a boy’s haircut? Some prefer to give fades, others focus on fullness, and many want as clean a cut as possible. Barbering is an art form, and many barbers have their own “flair” and “style” when creating different haircuts, especially boys’ haircuts.
  • Tools: What are the tools? Are they dirty, unkempt, and ineffective? A barbershop understands that every buzz, clipper, and gel must be handled with care. You should not go to a barbershop that doesn’t care about its tools.
  • Atmosphere: What is the vibe? Is it dour, dull, or bland? The barbershop atmosphere can make or break your kid’s haircuts, as many children do not want to go to a place that is unfun for them. If they drag their feet and complain about going, it can sour not only their experience, but yours too. Find a barbershop with an atmosphere that’s more tailored towards your kids’ preferences, whether that means a sleek “grown-up” environment that helps your kids feel like fancy adults or a colorful, playful atmosphere with toys in the waiting room or the TV playing, which might put them in a good mood.
  • Personalities: Finally, take personality into account. Who are the people in that barbershop? Barbershops need to be fun, energetic, and efficient. A barbershop with difficult or toxic characters will not be a fun experience for children.

Previous Work

Passion is the hallmark of a good barbershop. A quality barbershop will proudly display its work on the front page of its website or in the barbershop. A barbershop should pin every haircut and variation on the walls. From your cool boy’s haircuts to adult trims, barbershops should take pride in their work.

Even panoramas of “when we started” to “where we are now” can represent the pride a barbershop feels for its work. If a barbershop shows passion for what it is doing, then it is a barbershop worth getting your son’s cool boys haircuts at.

Find Somewhere Unique

Finally, what makes a barbershop unique? Do they provide specialty shampoos, conditioners, and gels? Can the barber help a child deal with dry scalp or dandruff? Boys do a lot of silly things to pass the time, so a barbershop specializing in boy’s haircuts should know how to make that boy look his best with the best product and tools out there.

Where could you find such a barbershop? An award-winning barbershop like Jude’s is excellent for all of the above. With several different locations, you can ensure your son has consistent cool boys haircuts to look his best.

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