Jude’s And Our Wise Guys

Older Guys Haircut
Older Guys Haircut

At Jude’s barbershop, we get a number of regulars of, shall we say, an advanced age. But many of them are young at heart, and still going strong. And they like to come here to get a haircut. 

Basically, with our wise guys discount, we’re just giving a break to those gentlemen who have been around long enough to deserve one, recognizing that age-old principle of celebrating one’s elders and having respect for the history that people have lived through.

Every generation wants the same for itself, after all.

Popular Treatments

So what do our wise guys come in here for?

Well, they might come for a straight razor fade, or a shave with one of these open blades – the way people did a couple of generations ago. Of course, now we have all sorts of neat new gizmos for shaving, but some people just like the old way better, for a variety of reasons.

We also have different scalp treatments that are popular with some of our wise guys.

These help to treat issues like alopecia and scalp psoriasis, but they’re also just generally good for your noggin.

Beard conditioning is another popular service for some of these wise guys who have cultivated their own facial hair for, well, a few decades or more.

Older Man Haircut 1
Older Man Haircut

Jude’s is also a gathering place for groups of friends who like that old-school barbershop experience, and can’t get that at their local Superclips or what have you…

We’re proud to be a specialized shop with a lot of old-school charm and respectability – more than just a run-of-the-mill barbershop.

Isn’t that what you want in a barbershop? Not just a generic place, but a place to go where you feel comfortable and where you can get a really good cut?

In fact, where are generic services okay with people? Maybe when it comes to things like maintaining somebody else’s property or getting cheap accessories and clothes.

But when it comes to looking your best and getting the right haircut, come down to Jude’s Barbershop and you won’t be disappointed in how you feel when you come out of our state-of-the-art location. 

Whether you are a wise guy or not, you can banter with our barbers and take advantage of an excellent relaxing process and a fair price for a cut that will make you look like a million bucks. We are excited to be here and serving our customers, regulars and newbies alike. 

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