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  • Beard and/or Mustache Trim $11 & up

    Trim & Shape your Beard & Mustache.

  • Damn Good Beard Trim $22 & up

    - Trim & Shape your Beard & Mustache.
    - Straight razor line up for extra clean lines.

  • Jude's Beard Shaping & Conditioning $30 & up

    - Trim & Shape your Beard & Mustache.
    - Straight razor line up for extra clean lines.
    - Relaxing Moisturizing Treatment to improve overall texture & appearance.

  • Scalp Treatment $21

    The clear and simple solution for;
    -Itchy/Oily Scalp
    -Thinning Hair
    -Seasonal Loss

  • Hangover Treatment $22 & up

    Exfoliate and rehydrate the facial skin along with a relaxing scalp massage.

  • Hangover 2 Treatment $12 & up

    Same as the Hangover Treatment (Exfoliate and rehydrate the facial skin along with a relaxing scalp massage) but added to another service.



Waxing keeps those unwanted hairs away until your next haircut. No more trimming them every few days. The look and the feeling is amazing. Once you wax, you never go back. 

Women Love When Their Man Shows up Waxed!

  • Eyebrow Waxing $13

    Clean up around the eyes to give you 2 separate eyebrows.

  • Ear Waxing $12

    Clean up the hair coming out of your ears as well as the hair/fuzz on your ear.

  • Nose Waxing $10

    Clean up the hair coming out of your nose (at the entrance).

  • Upper Cheek Waxing $10

    Clean up the stray hairs on your upper cheeks and create a sharp line.

  • Front of Neck Waxing $12

    Clean up the hair on the front of your neck and create a sharp line.

  • Unibrow Waxing $7

    Clean up the hair between your brows.

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"I drive from downtown GR to see them. They are that good." - Jeff S

specialists in men's haircuts



Barber Stylist

Teaghan loves all men’s and boys haircuts but her favorite haircut is the straight razor fade or anything to switch up someone’s style! In Teaghan’s free time during the summer she loves to go up to the Upper Peninsula and camping, She grew up on a small farm and love being outside.

specialists in men's haircuts



Barber Stylist

Alyssa’s favorite type of haircut is a drop fade. When Alyssa has time, she enjoys hiking/nature walks. Alyssa also loves Marvel movies and the Marvel Universe.

Kentwood MI Barbershop

Barber  / (n)

A person who cuts hair, especially a man’s, and shaves or trims beards as an occupation.

Old Fashion Service
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J in Judes with posters in backgroundjude’s Barbershop Kentwood first opened its doors to all hairy customers in April of 2007. 

Our Barbershop in Kentwood provides mens haircuts, boys haircuts and other classic barber shop services to customers in the Kentwood area who want old fashion barbershop service; straight razor shave, straight razor neck clean-up, vibrating shoulder massage, hot towel treatment, relaxing scalp massage/shampoo. 

Our Kentwood Jude’s Barbershop is located on the east side of Kalamazoo Ave SE just south of 60th ST SE in a strip mall just south of Walgreens.  Our neighboring businesses are Biggby Coffee, Quiznos Subs, Little Caesars Pizza, Boost Mobile, UPS Store, Apple Valley Health and Genius Phone Repair.

Jude’s Barbershop Kentwood provides all of these haircuts and more;

  • high and tight haircuts
  • pompadour haircuts
  • mohawk haircuts
  • haircuts for curly hair boys
  • short haircuts for boys
  • long haircuts for boys
  • shag haircut

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When you’re in the Kentwood area and you’re looking for a great haircut experience, provided in a classic barber shop, come to Jude’s Barbershop Kentwood. 

If you’re a customer of Jude’s Barbershop Kentwood, we welcome a google review.

The 2 closest Jude’s Barbershop locations are;

Jude’s Barbershop Caledonia

Jude’s Barbershop Byron Center

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Jude's Barbershop


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Jude's Barbershop

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"Love the service. Great haircuts" - Parker L

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