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Classic Barber Shop Services

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  • Beard and/or Mustache Trim $11 & up

    Trim & Shape your Beard & Mustache.

  • Damn Good Beard Trim $22 & up

    - Trim & Shape your Beard & Mustache.
    - Straight razor line up for extra clean lines.

  • Jude's Beard Shaping & Conditioning $30 & up

    - Trim & Shape your Beard & Mustache.
    - Straight razor line up for extra clean lines.
    - Relaxing Moisturizing Treatment to improve overall texture & appearance.

  • Scalp Treatment $21

    The clear and simple solution for;
    -Itchy/Oily Scalp
    -Thinning Hair
    -Seasonal Loss

  • Hangover Treatment $22 & up

    Exfoliate and rehydrate the facial skin along with a relaxing scalp massage.

  • Hangover 2 Treatment $12 & up

    Same as the Hangover Treatment (Exfoliate and rehydrate the facial skin along with a relaxing scalp massage) but added to another service.



Waxing keeps those unwanted hairs away until your next haircut. No more trimming them every few days. The look and the feeling is amazing. Once you wax, you never go back. 

Women Love When Their Man Shows up Waxed!

  • Eyebrow Waxing $13

    Clean up around the eyes to give you 2 separate eyebrows.

  • Ear Waxing $12

    Clean up the hair coming out of your ears as well as the hair/fuzz on your ear.

  • Nose Waxing $10

    Clean up the hair coming out of your nose (at the entrance).

  • Upper Cheek Waxing $10

    Clean up the stray hairs on your upper cheeks and create a sharp line.

  • Front of Neck Waxing $12

    Clean up the hair on the front of your neck and create a sharp line.

  • Unibrow Waxing $7

    Clean up the hair between your brows.

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"First time getting a Jude's haircut and it was an amazing experience!" - Dustin B

Knapps Corner

Barber  / (n)

A person who cuts hair, especially a man’s, and shaves or trims beards as an occupation.

Old Fashion Service
Not Old Fashion Styles



Jude’s Barbershop Knapps Corner opened in the May of 2011 specializing in Men's Haircuts, Boys Haircuts, and other barber shop services for customers in the Knapps Corner area who wanted classic barber shop services in a modern barber shop atmosphere; straight razor shave, straight razor neck clean-up, vibrating shoulder massage, hot towel treatment, relaxing scalp massage/shampoo. Guys haircare is all we do. It's our specialty so your in good hands when your sitting in one of our barber chairs.

The haircare products we retail in our barbershops are for mens hair. Tips; If you have thinning hair, gel will make it look thinner. What styling product should you use for thinning hair?

We are located in directly next to the main entrance of Celebration Cinema North on the northwest corner of Knapp ST NE and the East Beltline (M44). We're right next to Jimmy John's and on the other end of the building is BW3 and Hop Cat is out front. You can access our parking lot off Knapp or the East Beltline and there's always plenty of parking spaces.

Stop in for a great haircut and shave while you’re out running errands. We have all of the classic barber shop services you'll love; straight razor face shaves, warm shaving cream lather for your neck and face, beard and mustache trims, facial waxing. Take a break from your day with a nice relaxing haircut. Feel the tension ease away as you sit back and enjoy our amazing old fashion barbershop services in our modern barber shop with our relaxing vibes inside.

Are you are looking for great Men's Haircut ideas; check out the Top 11 Mens Haircuts for 2021 at Jude's Barbershop. If you’re looking for cool Haircuts for Boys we have them all covered on this page too.

Our 2 closest Jude's Barbershop locations to our Grand Rapids Celebration barber shop are;
Jude's Barbershop Grand Rapids NE (east beltline)
Jude's Barbershop Ada

Jude's Barbershop Grand Rapids Celebration provides all of these haircuts and more;

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Grand Rapids Michigan

• Men's Haircuts
• Boys Haircut

Fades and Tapers

• fade haircuts
• fades haircut
• taper haircuts
• low fade haircuts
• high fade haircuts
• military haircuts
• flat top haircuts

Specialty Haircuts

• high and tight haircuts
• pompadour haircuts
• mohawk haircuts
• haircuts for curly hair boys
• short haircuts for boys
• long haircuts for boys
• shag haircut

specialists in men's haircuts



Barber Stylist

Miki is a Barber and Shop Manager with 10+ Years of cutting experience with a love for drastic fades and styles/designs- specialized in men’s fading, facial hair, and men’s curly/texturized hair. Shaping boys into little gentlemen with just a cut and style is a Miki day maker. Miki is a product junkie with the knowledge to back it up! When she is not in the shop, she is a nature-loving flower child who just wants to spend time with her own two boys and enjoy the sunshine. Book an appointment with Miki today:)

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Halloween Fun

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