Men’s Grooming Products: A List of Our Favorites

Mens Grooming Products
Mens Grooming Products

Gone are the days when men’s style was perceived to be the minimum possible—and good riddance! Men’s grooming products are the best way to look your finest, feel your best, and have that confidence that only comes from being at the top of your game. Whether it’s hairstyling, maintaining your beard, or taking care of your skin, it’s just as crucial for men to stay healthy and vibrant as it is for anyone else. When it comes to your hair, it’s vital to have the right products to help you enjoy fuller, healthier hair rather than simply adding a shine, as we might have previously. 

Men, it’s 2022, and we’ve got many more options now. It’s time to use them! Some of the best men’s grooming products include MITCH by Paul Mitchell, Redken for Men, and more, and Jude’s Barbershop has them all. We carry a wide range of grooming products and accessories for men who want to take their look to the next level. 

Take care of your scalp and hair with the best of the best, and we guarantee you will notice the difference. If you want to add some verve to your hairstyle, try using the products in this list and see how they can help you go from “How?” to “Wow!” 

Why You Should Take Care of Your Hair

So why is it important to care for your scalp and hair? While you will enjoy the confidence of better-looking hair and skin, the truth is that there are medical benefits to taking better care of your scalp. Proper personal hygiene is linked to a variety of health benefits, and in the case of your scalp, it can affect everything from your hair to your overall health and well-being. Consider the following reasons to take care of your hair and scalp:

Reduce Bacterial Infestation

As unpleasant as it sounds, a dirty scalp can contribute to bacterial infestations that inflame and damage your skin. Your hair’s health will suffer, but you can also leave yourself feeling unwell as a result.

Dandruff Conditions

One of the most significant factors contributing to dandruff is an unhealthy scalp. Dandruff is unsightly and reduces your overall self-confidence, making it hard to feel your best. While there are shampoos that can help combat dandruff, this is a poor substitution for taking better care of your scalp. The right men’s grooming products can do so much more than cheap “quick fix” solutions—including giving you that confidence that everyone finds attractive!

Help Prevent Hair Loss

While proper hair care can’t prevent underlying medical conditions that may lead to hair loss, it can help prevent certain factors that add to or cause hair loss due to poor scalp and hair health. As part of a hair-healthy regimen, taking good care of your skin and hair, from the roots to the tips, is essential.

Eliminate Odor

Trust us: the last thing you want is your hair to smell funky because it’s poorly kept or your scalp is unhealthy. It’s off-putting for everyone around you and is a surefire way to dampen your self-image. Good hair care adds to and enhances your hair’s natural scents, leaving you free to express yourself without worry.

Okay, I Know Why, But How Do I Take Care of My Hair?

Now that we know why you should take better care of your scalp and hair, you should learn why. Fortunately, a well-managed grooming regimen is not difficult to maintain with some planning and some advice from the experts at Jude’s Barbershop. We’ve seen thousands of clients learn how to better maintain their hair after a grooming session with one of our specialists, and we’re happy to help you learn, too!

Try the following in addition to positive lifestyle changes like healthier eating, and you’ll notice a tremendous difference.

Keep Your Scalp Clean

As we made abundantly clear, keeping your scalp clean is essential. Wash your hair and your scalp regularly to keep things clean and fresh.

Use the Right Products

While we cover the best products in more detail below, the best thing that you can do is to use high-quality men’s grooming products rather than cheap stuff. Most store-bought products use harsh ingredients, including chemicals that can dry out your scalp and damage your hair. Spending a little extra to get much better results with higher-quality products is always worth it.

Regular Grooming

Having your hair cut and styled regularly can help promote growth and give your hair a much healthier look. Having your hair treated with professional-grade products during a styling session will leave it looking and feeling much better in the coming days and be much easier for you to work with at home. 

MITCH, by Paul Mitchell

For a bold and comprehensive approach to men’s grooming, MITCH is built from the ground up for the modern man. Looking good and smelling good never felt so good, and it was never easier than with the power of MITCH by Paul Mitchell. This premier line of products works for every situation, and it’s one of our favorites because of its range and effectiveness at turning your grooming into greatness. MITCH includes styling and care products that will help you take control of your hair health and never look back!


When it comes to styling, nothing beats MITCH. The range includes a variety of hold strengths, from moderate to maximum, for that long-lasting style to get you through any day. Texturizers include matte looks to bring out the rugged edge to your hair and shiny styles for maximum masculine flashiness. MITCH is meant to be tailored to your personal style and offers many options to achieve whatever look best suits you. 
Styling creams can thicken your hair and hold it at the perfect firmness so that you always look like you just finished a grooming session. Their Clean Cut styling cream is a great example, giving you an easy and flexible hold, making this great for any casual hairstyle or occasion. Other creams and gels can help you shape your hair so that you nail that specific style that makes you stand out from the crowd. Check out the Steady Grip styling gel; with this, you get a firm hold and a natural shine without overdoing it. With fresh scents that won’t overpower, you can count on the wizards at Jude’s using MITCH by Paul Mitchell to bring out your best side every time.

Cleansing and Care

Style only goes so far without the best cleansing products! We like MITCH because it’s high-performance and doesn’t have an overpowering scent. It lets your hair be the star—MITCH is just your supporting cast!

The Heavy Hitter line of deep cleansing products helps reinvigorate your hair and always gives the best results. The 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner works better than every other 2-in-1 we’ve had the pleasure of trying. Both products are great for leaving your hair soft, clean, and ready for styling.

Redken for Men

Redken Brews always knows how to cook up just the right products for any man, offering a diverse array of men’s hairstyling, beard, and face products. This is the high-quality stuff right here, and we can’t recommend Redken for Men enough. Redken Brews has something for you if you want to take care of your skin, beard, and scalp. We love Redken products at Jude’s Barbershop because our clients always talk about how great it makes them feel and how they always find themselves returning for more Redken. 

Thickening Products

For men with fine or thin (or thinning) hair, thickening products are a lifesaver. They give your hair more body and fullness so that it looks and feels thicker. Redken’s thickening shampoo is particularly effective, and you can combine it with the instant thickening spray to always feel like you have a confidence-boosting volume and sheen. Once your hair and scalp are clean and stimulated, a little of their thickening or high-hold pomade will keep your hair in that perfect style.

Daily Grooming

For your daily needs, Redken’s daily shampoos are really effective. We’ve found that they’re particularly good at getting men’s hair clean and revitalized without completely stripping it of all the natural oils that are so important. Harsher chemicals will fry your hair this way, but in reality, you want some natural oil. It gives your hair its sheen and its particular scent, so you don’t smell like a product bottle. 

The Redken Cleansing Bar soap is a great formula that will clean your skin without ruining your skin’s pH balance. Redken soaps are a great way to go if you want your skin to look and feel healthy and clean and avoid any uncomfortable dryness, itching, or tightness.

Textures and Holds

A variety of pomades and styling gels work well for achieving a long-lasting hold, no matter how we style your hair. Redken Brews offers pomades, gels, and creams that can transform your hair, especially combined with a cut and style from our experienced barbers. Your hair can make you look like you just stepped out of the pages of a catalog when we put some of these great grooming products to use! Whether you’re going for texture, shine, or just a hold, ask our barbers how to display your best look all day.

American Crew

American Crew products are some of the best in the business. The company produces men’s grooming products that embrace masculinity and rugged appeal, giving even men who don’t normally care about their appearance all the right tools to stay looking sharp and masculine. These include creams, gels, and pomades that help you style your hair and keep it in place no matter how hard you play. For example, suppose you have short or medium-length hair. In that case, this matte clay texturizer has a smooth matte finish, giving you a soft texture that will hold for hours, but allows you (or one of the amazing barbers at Jude’s Barbershop) to work your hair into any style you need. 

As an example of American Crew’s innovations, we can’t get enough of Whip, their whipped styling product that melts seamlessly into your hair. This stuff is like magic, and our barbers are expertly trained to make the most of what it does for your hair and style. 

American Crew also offers a wide variety of foams, pomades, and men’s grooming tools, and when you want to maintain your look at home, in between your grooming sessions at Jude’s, the best option is to grab a few of these. You’ll thank us later.

Billy Jealousy

Billy Jealousy is all about attitude, style, swagger, and living life true to yourself. We feel their products back up this claim pretty well! That’s why they’re one of our favorite brands to use at Jude’s Barbershop, and our clients always agree. These products are tough and rugged, simple at heart, but have high-performance styling effects for any man. Even something so straightforward as their Monsoon Mist Tea Tree Shampoo is full of natural ingredients that help stimulate and protect your hair. 

Their Headlock Hair Molding Cream is the #1 selling product at Jude’s Barbershop with its strong hold, matte finish giving you that windswept look. You can restyle your hair which makes it highly effective for the active guy.  It’s versatile and safe to use no matter what kind of hair you have and works great in conjunction with many of their other hair care products.

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