Men’s Hair – 5 Things To Know

Barbershop Hair Tips
Barbershop Hair Tips

Men’s Hair – 5 Things To Know

There are more than 5 Things to Know about Men’s Hair but the following are the main ones every guy should know if you still have hair. There are many different challenges men face with their hair throughout their life. As a boy, your hair may be at its best but you can have great hair at any time in your life. Even though the title is Men’s Hair – 5 Things To Know, we’re going to start by discussing the scalp which is like the soil from which your hair grows. Having a healthy scalp is the starting point for healthy hair. There are many different men’s hair types and each requires different shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, styling products, and more.

Use the Correct Shampoo

It’s extremely important to use the correct shampoo for your type of hair and scalp. Some men have oily scalps and oily hair and some guy have a dry scalp and hair. Each hair and scalp issue and type needs to be bathed in the correct ingredients to ensure long-term health and overall condition of your hair and scalp. Ask your barber or hairstylist which shampoo is best for your condition as they know your hair and scalp best.

Use Conditioner or Treatment

Use a Conditioner or Treatment when needed. Most guys don’t need to use a conditioner every day but using one when needed is important. Leave in conditioners are a great styling ade while moisturizing your hair. Treatments for men’s hair treat many issues that guys face- itchy scalp, dry hair, curly hair, etc. There are treatments which stimulate the scalp, clear away any residue so hair has the best chance to grow.

Speacialty Men’s Hair Products

The Surface Awaken Hair Care line of products provide a simple solution to revive your hair and scalp by combining innovative technologys and organic botanicals to create a healthier scalp with faster growing, visibly thicker hair.

Derma Solve hair care products are designed for dry, itchy and flaky scalp. If you have a dry itchy, flaky scalp, ask your barber or hair stylist how the Drema Solve line can be of help to you.

Beards are Men’s Hair too! A great barber or hair stylist can also help you keep your beard looking and feeling its best by showing which are the best products for your beard as well as how to properly cleanse, condition and oil your beard using these professional products.


Haircut Regularly

Keeping your hair cut to a manageable length is always a good idea. A great men’s haircut can also make you look and feel good. Being seen regularly by the same professional barber or hair stylist so they can give you feedback on what condition they see or have noticed over time is extremely valuable. If you skip around to someone different each time you get your haircut there’s no continuity, no history, nothing consistent and stable. When an issue starts to surface, a barber will notice and mention it to you and will be able to provide professional advice. Fortunately, most guys find someone they like and trust and keep going back for years, which is great.

Hair Products For Your Hair Type

You’d be surprised by how many guys with thin hair use hair products that make it look even thinner. For thin hair, never use a pomade or a gel as this will only make your hair look thinner than it already does. For thin hair or thinning hair, use creams and pastes as this will make thin hair look fuller. Curl enhancers are a great product if used correctly on curly hair. A great barber or stylist can show you which styling product you should use and why, show you how much to use, and show you how to apply it. By using the correct hair styling product for your specific hair type, in the correct amount and applied properly- you’ll look way better than if you tried to figure it out yourself.

barber shop Haircut
barber shop Haircut

Ask Your Barber

Your barber has seen every scalp and hair condition many many times and knows how to care for each type and condition. A good barber at a good barber shop will have many great professional men’s hair products they can recommend based on your specific situation. Using professional hair care products sold in a barber shop may cost a few dollars more but provide so may more benefits to you as described above.

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