Men’s Haircut Trends


Somethings stay the same but men’s haircuts are not one of them.  Over the years guys haircuts have changed dramatically with the long-haired hippy look made popular in the ’60s during the age of Woodstock to the military-style crew cuts.  Who would have thought the Mullet, made famous by Billy Ray Cyrus, would have returned?  Not me. 

Hair Is Fashion

People consider clothing as fashion but hair is also fashion and trends come and go the same.  Some people get stuck in the fashion style with both their hair as well as their clothes.  A little change to your hair can be a good thing as it keeps you relevant if your change fits your age and your overall style.  Pop culture which includes movies, television, youtube, and Netflix can have a tremendous influence on men’s hair trends.  Peaky Blinder’s, a Netflix original, which tells a story in England back in the 1020s has the main character’s hair styled in an Undercut, shaved evenly on the sides (no taper or fade) and long on the top, with a Slick Back on top.  Brad Pitt and David Beckham embraced this style for a few years which caught on with guys in their teens, twenties, and thirties. 

Famous Hair

Famous men like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have changed their hairstyles for rolls and kept some of them over time setting new trends for guys of their generation.

Hair Trends

The Hard Part and the Side Part are popular now with short still winning out over longer men’s hair styles.  Staying on top of trends is made much easier with guys being more connected via social media.  You see what your buddies’ new hairstyle online before you see it in person.  Picture after picture via twitter, Instagram, facebook shows you who, what, when and how guys hair trends are shifting.  Sometimes a small adjustment is all you need or all willing to commit to as you don’t want to cause yourself too much work each morning.  Changes are usually hard but small adjustments to your hairstyle are much easier.  Growing the top out a little longer or now the back.  I hope the tail does NOT come back. 

Modern Barbershop

The modern barbershop like Jude’s Barbershop is very popular with men and boys looking for great old fashion barber service in an updated modern atmosphere.  Some guys still go to the beauty salon and have to endure the smells of nail polish and perms.  Others go to a quick haircut outlet that’s cheap but not always good.  And still, others go to the old school barbershop that hasn’t updated themselves as well as stayed on-trend nor the quality of service.

Sports is another area where guys haircut trends are shaped and influenced.  Cristiano Ronaldo, famous for his soccer moves, also affects men’s hairstyles world over as soccer (football) is a popular world sport. 

If you’re male and you want to change your style without spending to much time and money, stop in at a local Jude’s Barbershop to find out if one of the new men’s hair trends is something you want to be part of or just to stay the same with a great relaxing haircut.

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