My Damn Good Haircut

Mans Haircuts
Mans Haircuts

Most guys want a good haircut but have you ever had a Damn Good Haircut? A Damn Good Haircut is a branded haircut that Jude’s Barbershop customers prefer.

Boys Haircut

Men’s Haircuts have come a long way in the past few generations. When I was a kid my earliest memory of getting my haircut was my mon taking me to the local barbershop in Sparta Michigan. We spent each summer of my childhood at our cottage on Camp Lake in Sparta. Being a typical hot Michigan summer my mom always told the barber to cut my hair super short. I was not a fan of this super short look but I wasn’t paying nor the one in charge.

Guys Haircut

As I got older and when we were back home in Wyoming Michigan my mom took me with her to the beauty salon. I remember I was the only boy in the salon surrounded by older ladies with this awful smell, a lot of chatter, and many seated hair dryers going. When it was my turn I would get my hair shampooed with the most vigorous shampooings I’ve ever had. The long nails dug into my scalp which made me flinch and tense up because of the extremeness of the scrubbing. When she cut my hair she’d grab my head in one arm and grab my hair with her hand very firmly. Looking back now on old photos my haircut looked eerily similar to my mom’s.

Men’s Haircut

In my later teens and early twenties when I had to pay for my own haircuts I tried several different places. Including a high-end salon and spa. The haircuts and conversations were always good. I had a small crush on the stylist who cut my hair for a few years. Looking back on it, she was just really good at her craft and made me feel good, special, and liked. Who wouldn’t like more of that? Several times I tried a salon with an old guy gutting my hair. Great conversation, Playboy magazines in the waiting area but no extras, no shampoo, no making me feel special.

My girlfriend went to cosmetology school and I became her practice head who provided a lot of feedback. The positive side was she would do these amazing scalp treatments which I still love today. My girlfriend became my wife Heather. She was recruited out of school by a high-end salon and my haircuts got so much better. Heather and I started our first salon but it became difficult to get an appointment with her so I became the practice head for our newer stylists.

Jude’s Haircut

The world needed a modern barbershop and that’s when Jude’s Barbershop was born. Heather and I created the ultimate haircut experience- the Jude’s Haircut. A precision haircut, relaxing scalp massage shampoo, hot towel treatment, straight razor neck clean-up, and a vibrating shoulder massage. It’s the old fashion barbershop experience but in a modern atmosphere with highly skilled professionals.

The Damn Good Haircut is a precision haircut with a straight razor neck clean-up. A great haircut and the warm shaving cream on the back of your neck with an extremely sharp straight razor in skilled hands cutting across the back of your neck leaving your skin so smooth. Damn, that’s an amazing haircut experience.

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