My Gray Hair Makes Me Look Old


I don’t want to be the “old guy” yet. I feel like I’m in my 20’s still. I don’t want to look stupid. But how do I look like I feel?


As guys get older they look more distinguished with their weathered skin and gray hair but they also look older too. Some men like to keep their youthful looks for a few more years than nature intended. If your wife or girlfriend keeps her gray hair at bay, you might want to as well. Someone could mistake you as their father- ouch!

Gray Blending

Modern barbershops have come a long way in their service offerings. Getting a great Gray Blended Color Service in a good local barber shop is something within your reach. When you add a color service to a great haircut your time commitment is only 10 minutes more.

Don’t Try This At Home

Warning! You shouldn’t try this at home! You don’t want to be that guy who didn’t want to spend the few extra dollars for a great professional barbershop color service. This area of your life should not be- do it yourself. Save “do it yourself” for mowing your lawn or rotating your tires. Can you imagine walking out of the house with a head full of solid-colored hair and your scalp stained jet black? If you think nobody will notice- think again. They’ll notice but won’t say anything to you but they’ll say something to each other. Don’t be that guy.

Professional Hair Products

Using a professional shampoo and conditioner from a barbershop will keep your new hair color service lasting longer as all professional hair products won’t strip the color out of your hair. Your styling products need to be from your barbershop too.

You’re As Old A You Look

A great color service should look natural and go unnoticed except for people thinking you look amazing and a little more youthful. That old adage, “you’re only as young as you feel” could be “you feel as young as you look”. Someday you’ll be old enough where those gray hairs look like they belong on you, but is someday today?

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