Not-So-Secret Hair Care Tips For Men

Barbershop Hair Tips
Barbershop Hair Tips

Men’s haircare is a topic that seems to get lost in the shuffle of gym lockers and work break rooms. Most adult men spend less time on hair care than they do other areas of their hygiene and health. The downside to undervaluing hair care is that men begin to see significant adverse changes in their hair as they age, leaving them wishing they had put forth a little more effort.

The good news is that it is never too late to begin taking proper care of your hair. Men of any age can see significant positive changes to their hair by emphasizing their overall haircare routine. Let’s look at essential hair care tips to help you achieve and maintain healthy hair.

Pick A Starting Point

If the idea of sticking to an elaborate hair care routine seems overwhelming, begin by focusing on one issue. You may have a particular concern, such as brittle hair or itchy scalp, that you can focus your attention on correcting. Choose a starting point that will lead you in the right direction without making you lose steam in the process.  Start using professional hair care products from your barber shop and choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is the best place to start.

Consistency Is The Key

The difference between looking well-groomed and messy is sticking to a consistent hair care routine. Men’s hair grows beyond just the head, and constant upkeep is essential to achieving a well-groomed appearance. When grooming, don’t forget to pay attention to your neck, back, sideburns, and ears. 

Yes, You Should Moisturize Your Hair

Hydration is vital to the health and vitality of your hair, but how much hydration your hair needs is determined by your hair type. Shampooing alone does not adequately moisturize most hair types, and it can strip strands of essential nutrients and cause them to dry out. At the very least, use a conditioner or a leave-in conditioner for normal hair, and use a deep conditioning product for dry hair.

Dry Scalp Should Be Addressed

A dry scalp can be rooted in several different issues. While the type of products you use on your hair can adversely affect your scalp, causing it to dry, it could be something as simple as not drinking enough water in your diet. Regardless of why your scalp is dry, you can soothe it using natural oils that have potent antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic properties like tea tree and coconut.  Most people need a good conditioner and hair and scalp treatments during the cold dry Michigan winters.

Oily Hair Can Be Corrected

If you have naturally oily hair, your scalp produces too much sebum, which can result from several different factors. Over washing, intense exercise, and hygiene can increase sebum production for naturally oily hair people. Tackle excess oil using shampoos containing mint and menthol, among other oil-fighting ingredients. 

Ask Your Hair Care Professional

Many people are using the wrong styling products for their hair type. If you have thinning hair- a gel would only make your hair look thinner. For thinning, hair creams and pastes are for you. When you have questions concerning the look or health of your hair, ask your hair care professional for guidance in developing a care and styling strategy that will work for you. 

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