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Straight Razor Neck Clean Up
Straight Razor Neck Clean Up

At Jude’s Barbershop in Traverse City, we believe that a barbershop has to be a fun and unique place that goes beyond the usual boring haircut experience.

From humming the famous Beatles tunes “Hey Jude” to decorating our walls with all sorts of music and cartoon memorabilia, we’re injecting pop culture and artistic flair into the experience of getting a cut or trim. But we’re also elevating the actual barbershop services to a whole new level, with the right skill and experience to change the way you approach hair.

Barber Shop Haircuts

You often see a haircut price on a barber sandwich board, but how often do you see a price for a “damn good haircut,” or a “wise guy haircut?”

Our cuts are above the grade. We take time to make every haircut a work of art, and it shows online and in our shop. See for yourself!

Straight Razor

A good barber also invests in being able to offer straight razor work to customers.

In here, you can get a straight razor fade, and even get the Dallas Cowboys star on the back of your head, or some other NFL franchise icon if that’s not your thing. The possibilities are endless!

You can also get straight razor shaves that really make you look good. We are pros with the long razor. Don’t be afraid of getting nicked!

Hangover Treatment

For other extras, check out our range of hangover services, partially based on the hilariously famous movies of that name. The hangover package also helps when you’re actually getting over an inebriation from the night before. It’s an exfoliation and rehydration of the skin, along with a rejuvenating scalp massage. The “hangover two” mixes this with other package services.

Beards and Mustaches

We wouldn’t be a top local Traverse City barber if we didn’t painstakingly build handlebar mustaches and carefully trim legacy beards.

There’s a certain steampunk aesthetic here that a lot of people like to go for, and we’ve integrated that into our barbershop, too. Just spend a little time on the site and you’ll see it up close, front and center.


Sometimes a cut isn’t enough to take care of unruly hair. As a guy, you know that hair can spring up anywhere on your face or body, and pretty much take up shop there. Our waxing services make you nice and smooth when it counts.

Take a look at our web site and come on down and see us! You’ll get a new look and a new you for a bright Michigan future. Check out all of our locations for a shop near you. See you down here!

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