The Story of Jude


Jude’s Barbershop was named after my father Wilbur Jude Martin. He was born on Beaver Island, which is located in Northern Lake Michigan, 35 miles north of Charlevoix.


When my Grandmother was about to give birth to my father, the nuns on Beaver Island called to Charlevoix to summon the doctor. They were told that the doctor was in jail for performing an abortion. The year was 1938 and abortion was illegal. My Grandmother was a small lady and the nuns did not think she would live through the delivery because my father was so big. This made it all that more important that the doctor be present during the delivery. They convinced the judge to temporarily release the doctor to deliver my father. The doctor was flown from Charlevoix to Beaver Island on the night of March 20th. Saint James harbor was still frozen over so they had everyone on the island bring their Christmas trees out on the ice to light on fire when they heard the airplane’s engines overhead. The modest “runway lights” helped to guide the pilot to a safe landing and the doctor delivered my father the next day. Because of all the trouble with my fathers’ birth, the nuns told my Grandmother to name him “Jude” after Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes.