Our Top 8 Favorite Haircut Styles for Men

When it comes to haircut styles for men, it’s hard to choose favorites because there are so many good options. The abundance of “best haircut for men near me” searches shows you just how many styles and options men have, especially when they’re in the hands of expert barbers like those at Jude’s Barbershop. We specialize in men’s hairstyles across the spectrum, from short and neat to long and messy and everything in between. When the good people of western and northern Michigan look for “men’s haircuts near me,” our professional barbers answer the call.

Here are our top eight favorite haircut styles for men. You may find some favorites here, and who knows? You might even be inspired to try a new style. If you’re curious, ask our barbers what styles might work for you based on your unique style, personality, and face shape. 

Start With the Basics: Your Face

Believe it or not, your face shape can drastically change how a hairstyle looks on you. This is where the expertise of our barbers comes into play, as they can tell you what hairstyles best fit your face shape. Of course, it’s entirely possible to make any style work with any face, so don’t worry! Having an idea of your face shape as a starting point is an excellent way to help make your style selection a little easier. 

Is your face a pleasant heart-shaped one? Are you more of a round face shape, or do you have a square jaw? Our highly-experienced barbers can help you figure out your face shape if you’ve never looked at yourself that way before, and then we can show you some of the best hairstyles for your shape.


Fades are extremely popular because of their supreme versatility and ability to work with most face shapes. A fade means blending the sides and back with the clippers to create a smooth transition that can be low or high, faded to just the right texture and depth. Fades might be the most popular in our shop; when people come to us after searching for “men’s haircuts near me,” they often want a fade. These tend to make an excellent low-maintenance style.


True classics never go out of style. The quiff is a modern spin on a traditional hairstyle, often paired with faded or tapered sides. The top is left voluminous in a quiff, and the hair sweeps up and back to create a look that resembles classic styles such as pompadours. This style requires significant maintenance to keep looking its best and pairs best with square or oval face shapes.

Slicked Back

The hits keep on rolling! Slicked-back styles have been popular for men for decades and are still just as great. These work well with square and oval face shapes, accentuating your angular features or that strong jawline. Slicked-back styles require products to maintain their hold but are otherwise simple to maintain. 

Side Part

A side part haircut is perfect for men who want a dash of sophistication without sacrificing style and flair. Like the previous styles, this one is a modern take on a very old-school haircut, and it has stood the test of time for good reason. The side part works best with thicker hair, but expert barbers like the ones at Jude’s can even make it work with thinner hair. The sides are notably shorter than the top with a side part haircut, and the part is on the far side. This style combines well with a fade, taper, or even a shaved-in hard part and matches most face shapes well.

Long Top With Short Sides

Men, if you want a trendy haircut that looks both youthful and mature at the same time, the long top with short sides is the perfect style for you. This versatile style allows you to go for a layered approach up top, something textured, or go for a modern, messy look. You can shave the sides for a fade or even a full undercut. This kind of cut is easy to maintain on your own.


A fun and edgy spin on the quiff, the fauxhawk turns your locks into an ultra-stylized ridge held by products such as styling gels. The advantage to a fauxhawk is that even if you don’t use something to hold its shape, it still works well as an easily-styled quiff or short style, making it ideal no matter the occasion! Low-maintenance, low-hassle, but highly fashionable!

Ivy League

Crew cuts are popular; ask the hundreds who search for them as the “best haircut for men near me.” They’re easy to maintain, style, and last no matter what kind of day you’re having. Ivy League cuts take them a step further, leaving more on top to style in various ways. This hairstyle looks intelligent and sophisticated and brings out your strong facial features in a very manly way, plus it is easy to keep up! Longer on top and trimmed neatly on the sides, the Ivy League certainly makes you look the part!


A dramatic style that works well with oval or diamond-shaped faces, especially those with strong features, undercuts leave your hair long on the very top but shave it close on the sides and back. Unlike a fade, there’s no blending here; this visually striking, high-contrast style puts all the attention squarely on the hair on top of your head. 

All These and More at Jude’s Barbershop

There you have it: eight of our favorite haircut styles for men! Our experienced barbers specialize in men’s and boys’ haircuts, so no matter your age or personal style, we guarantee that we can give you a style you’ll love. Schedule an appointment at any of our great locations and see the difference that experience makes!

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