Refund and Returns Policy


Currently sold products can be returned within 14 day from the date of purchase to any of our barbershops for a full account credit towards future purchases including services.  Products that are discontinued cannot be returned.  All refunds are for a credit at Jude’s Barbershop for current or future purchases only.  We will NOT refund in cash nor to your credit card.


If you find that you are not happy with a service you’ve received, please let us know within 7 days from the date of service and we’ll happily correct any and all of your concerns at no charge.  

If there is anything we can do for you personally to better improve your experience with us or the experience for other customers, please reach out to us at as we are always trying to improve our process.  It’s our sole FOCUS to provide you with the best experience. We want you to walk out and say WOW that was AMAZING! When you do you tell others and that’s how we continue our success.

Any Product 20% Off

- eGifts are purchased on our website and emailed to your recipient.
- You can schedule when the email arrives.
- eGifts are entered into our system, so your recipient doesn’t need to bring anything to the shop to redeem it.