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Jude’s Barbershop is committed to making sure each customer leaves our shops 110% happy.  We are relentless in this pursuit because we value each and every one of our customers like they were the last man on earth!


Jude’s Haircut  $18 & up

A precision haircut, relaxing scalp massage/shampoo, hot towel treatment, vibrating shoulder massage with a straight razor neck clean-up.

Damn Good Haircut $16 & up

A precision haircut with a straight razor neck clean-up.

Haircut $15 & up

A precision haircut and a vibrating shoulder massage.

Buzz Cut $14 & up

A precision haircut, one guard, no scissors or razor.

Line Up $6 & up

A line up of the front hairline with the trimmers or straight razor.

Kid’s Cut $16 & up

A precision haircut for kids 12 & under.

Long Haircut  $23 & up

A precision cut for shoulder length hair or longer with a vibrating shoulder massage.


Jude’s Barbershop requires all service providers to be educated, trained, and certified before they’re allowed to perform straight razor services on customers (After all, you are the last man on earth, and it’s hard to return from a cut to the jugular). When providing our customers with a face shave, we try to prepare your hair as much as possible before we begin the actual process of shaving by softening up your hairs with a hot towel and shaving product. This allows for a comfortable, relaxing shave experience.  If you’re dehydrated, this can be difficult to achieve, which then results in cuts and burns. Basically, if you’re coming in for a relaxing face shave after drinking the night before, it’s best to reschedule for tomorrow and spend the day laying on the couch re-hydrating. After all, if you’re the last man on earth, it’s important you look as good as humanly possible!

If you have sensitive skin, you may experience some redness, swelling,or irritation your first couple of shaves. Luckily, your skin will adapt to the process and you will eventually stop having these side effects. Since everyone is different, we recommend you avoid getting your first straight razor shave the day before or the day of an important event. 

Face Shave $30 & up

A smooth shave with a straight razor.

Head Shave $30 & up

A smooth shave with a straight razor and a vibrating shoulder massage.

Jude’s Straight Fade $27 & up

A straight razor fade haircut with a relaxing scalp massage/shampoo, hot towel treatment, vibrating shoulder massage and a straight razor neck clean-up.

Straight Razor Fade $24 & up

A straight razor fade haircut with a straight razor neck clean-up.

Neck Clean-Up Free – $8

Customers who received the Jude’s Haircut on their last visit can get a straight razor clean up in-between haircuts for free! If you didn’t get the Jude’s Haircut on your last visit then you’ll be charged $5-$8.


Color Your Gray Away $26 & up

Cover up some of the gray for natural look, or cover it up completely. You decide.

Facial Color $10 & up

Color for your facial hair.


Hair Designs $5-$50

Simple to extremely detailed shaved hair designs.


Mustache or Beard Trim $6 & up
Massage Shampoo $6 & up

A relaxing scalp massage/shampoo, with a hot towel treatment and a vibrating shoulder massage.

Bang Trim $6 & up

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