The Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Kid’s Haircuts


What is the importance of regular kid’s haircuts? 

It’s easy to say that regular cuts keep your kids looking their best. After all, boy’s haircuts are one of the simplest ways to keep your boy looking sharp and clean. That’s enough of a benefit right there! But surprisingly there’s much more to it than you might think. Regularly scheduled kid’s haircuts have a number of benefits beyond just a neat appearance. Frequent haircuts provide a range of plusses from aiding in the health of their hair to making it easier to deal with to simply letting your son be himself! Here are just a few benefits of having your kid’s hair cut regularly.

Health of Your Hair

A big reason to schedule haircuts regularly is the overall health of your little’s one’s hair. Many trichologists (or hair and scalp specialists) recommend having your hair cut every 6-10 weeks. This can vary from person to person as different types of hair should be treated as needed. Try to find what works best for you. Still, it’s good for anyone to visit their local barbershop frequently as haircuts play a key role in maintaining the well-being of your hair. Damaged hair is harder to maintain with problems such as split ends becoming harder to treat with time. 

It’s also beneficial to get regular haircuts to avoid dry scalp and dandruff. Nobody likes the unsightly flakes that come from an irritated scalp. Dandruff particularly emerges during the winter and summer months. A regular haircut moisturizes and refreshes the scalp, preventing dandruff from occurring. 

Hair Growth

Surprisingly, one reason regular kid’s haircuts should be a priority is it helps with hair growth. Counterintuitive as it may seem at first, cutting hair actually promotes growth. Now, it won’t make your hair grow any faster as that’s a biological process that physical treatment can’t speed up. But getting a fresh haircut gets rid of problems like damaged hair to allow healthy new hair to grow. It makes it possible for your boy’s haircut to grow as strong as he is.

Losing damaged hair has another positive as it results in thicker, healthier hair. We’ve all reached a point where our hair got worn and tired looking. Nobody likes that feeling of frizzy thin hair. A strong haircut will keep up that cool boy’s haircut they need to look their best.

Hair Management

On a practical level, kid’s haircuts are simply easier to manage when done regularly. You can keep your hair in stronger, better shape when problems such as tangles and flyways are removed from the equation. Keeping your hair in good shape makes it much easier to work with. You can get your hair looking exactly the way you want with regular haircuts.

Looking Your Best

The health of their hair isn’t the only reason to make sure you schedule regular kid’s haircuts. Looking your best just because you want to – in itself –  is a great reason for regular haircuts. And there are others.

A very important reason for regular cuts is to keep your little one looking like your little one! Your haircut is the frame for your face. A good haircut allows your kids to do the same. A good kid’s haircut comes in particularly handy around the time of events such as holidays or school pictures. They make sure your little ones look the way you know they should!

A kid’s haircut is also a great way to let your child express themselves. Kids like to be themselves just as much as adults. Boy’s haircuts are a great way to let them find a way to be who they are. The perfect style is as individual to your little one as the clothes they wear. 

Cool boy’s haircuts come in an array of styles. There are classics like the crew cut or the textured look. Your child can get bold with a faux hawk or a full-on mohawk. Or they can add a distinct design to the side of their head. Boys should have the freedom to be themselves, and their haircut is a great way to give them that.

Going to the Barber Shop

It can be tricky taking your child to the barbershop. After all, getting their hair cut – especially when it’s the first time – is often an overwhelming experience with sensory stimulation and the need to sit still for a long period. But there are several ways to make the experience easier (for them AND for you!):

  • Prepare your child for the experience by asking them what thoughts or ideas they have to ease the experience such as headphones to block the sound of the clippers.
  • Take your little one to the barber shop before their appointment to familiarize them with the location.
  • Make sure to give the stylist the space to work so your child won’t get overwhelmed. 
  • Practice breathing and relaxation techniques to keep your little one calm in the chair.
  • Make a story out of it. Talk your child through every step of the process and remind them it will end soon. 
  • Celebrate at the end. A new haircut is worth being proud of! 

These steps should make the experience much more enjoyable for both you and your child. 

Whatever the reason, be it maintaining health or simply wanting them to look their best, regular haircuts are highly beneficial to anyone, especially kids. And at Jude’s Barbershop, boys can get the haircut they want in an environment that suits them. With 25 locations throughout Michigan, it’s a convenient option for any family. Book an appointment today and a men’s haircut for Dad too!

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