Three Iconic Men And Their Timeless Hairstyles

three iconic men and their timeless hairstyles
Three Iconic Men And Their Timeless Hairstyles 2

Men’s hair fashion has inspired trends throughout the decades. From the clean-cut look of the 1920s to the shaggy vibe of the 1960s, men’s hairstyles tend to evolve. Every generation has a breakout male hair trendsetter who shapes the course of haircut and style trends for millions of men. All modern chic male haircuts stem from legendary hairstyles at one time worn by legendary men.

Of course, the looks in men’s hairstyles we see today are contemporary variations of the original versions of the past. New hairstyling tools and techniques and innovative products help elevate modern looks, creating updated cuts that pay homage to their roots. Let’s look at some of the most influential and timeless men’s hairstyles and who wore them first so you can pick your next sexy look. 

The Rebel, James Dean

Movie star icon and dream guy of every teenage girl, James Dean pioneered a sexy hairstyle with his trademark slicked-back look. James Dean sported both long touseled locks and slicked-back styles throughout his life, coining the very image of youthful rebellion, confidence, and laid-back manliness style.  

Today, the modern version of James Dean’s hairstyle is somewhat considered unique. Stylists recreate the image by adding variations of fades and undercuts, putting a new twist on a timeless look. 

The Heartthrob, Elvis Presley

When Elvis Presley first stepped out onto the stage, the world stood still; then, it started rocking. Women and girls around the globe fainted at the sight of this wholesome-looking crooner who captured their hearts with this voice, dance moves, and hairstyle. 

Known as the pompadour, Elvis’s hairstyle was derived from James Dean’s look but fine-tuning. This slicked-back style had a wet appearance that propelled its wild success throughout the mid to late ’80s. Plenty of variations of pompadour exist today, and it remains popular as it can be easily styled with modern hair gels. 

The British Invasion, Paul McCartney

The modern British Invasion brought rock-n-roll across the pond to our shores with the likes of the Beatles and their lead singer Paul McCartney. Donned with a mop-top cut, Paul and his band of brothers ushered in a new era of men’s hairstyle. This relaxed yet contemporary look pushed the current boundaries and sent out an unsettled youth vibe.

Today, the mop-top look is recreated with shaggy bangs and some length on top, fading with an undercut or otherwise closely clipped. This look is easily maintained and beloved for its broad appeal to all ages of men. 

Regardless of the haircut style you wear today; the chances are that it is a version of an iconic look that can be traced back to a legendary man. 

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