Trendy Razor Fade Hairstyles For Men

Fade Haircut

There’s a good reason if you are drawn to the razor fade hairstyle. The razor fade, or straight razor fade, is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and iconic haircuts for men, which means you can quickly adapt this cut to fit your style.

A razor fade is a taper cut where the hair is saved n the sides and back of the head. This cut makes it stand out from a classic undercut style because it features completely shaved sides instead of a gradient. If you ask your barber for a razor fade, he will determine where your hairline sits and then save the back and sides of your hair before using a comb and scissors to style the remaining hair on top.

The razor fade cut is unique because your barber will use a straight razor instead of clippers to give you a clean, shaven look. Let’s break down the razor fade variants so you can choose the style that suits your taste.

Classic Razor Fade

A great place to start if you are new to the razor fade cut, a classic razor fade is a simple skin fade that is not as extreme as others. The classic razor fade works on almost all hair types and gives you a fresh, clean look without straying too far from traditional hair cuts.

Pomp Razor Fade

The pomp, or pompadour, is a hairstyle where hair is kept longer on the top than on the head’s sides. This hairstyle has been around through the ages and has seen a resurgence in popularity when combined with a razor fade. Pomp razor fades allow you to style your hair naturally or slicked back on top.

Curly Razor Fade

Men with curly hair can also enjoy a razor fade cut. Curly hair is easy to tame when cut close on the head’s sides and back. This style is playful and fun as well as edgy and professional.

Spiky Razor Fade

Some men love a spiky hair look and may think it won’t work with a razor fade. However, the spiky razor fade features spiky hair on top, shaved sides, and back for a more updated version of the spiky style.

Personalized Straight Razor Fades With Designs

If you want to create a more personalized look, a straight razor fade will give you dramatic consecutive lines on your head that make beautiful symmetry. When you feel ready to amp up your hair game, ask your barber to create a design in the shaved area of your head using a straight razor. Whether the pattern is intricate or a simple set of lines, head-turning fades can be cut to show off your unique style.

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