Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Men’s Haircut for You

Your hairstyle does more than just occupy the top of your head; it says something about you. It’s a statement about your style and personality, whether you have that rugged close cut or an ultra-modern mess. It’s about more than just choosing the length. What is the best haircut for men? If you want the right haircut, you’ll have to consider other factors such as your face shape, trends and styles popular with your age group and area, and more. Each haircut style is different, and each face shape is suited to different styles by default. While you can certainly play against type, having a good starting point will help you pick the best style. 

Want to turn heads? Let’s start with yours. 

Many of our customers are first-timers trying to find their best option with a “men’s haircuts near me” search. Jude’s Barbershop has been in business for over 17 years, owned and operated by a Michigan family, and we know exactly how to help you find the best look for you. Our expert barber’s haircuts always bring our customers smiles because we’re more than just a “buzzcut and buzz off” barbershop. We keep up with current trends and know how to turn your requests into a style perfectly suited to your features. 

If you need help choosing the right haircut, it’s time to turn to the experts in men’s haircuts. “Near me” searches might yield many different results, but you don’t have to stress about finding the right place to bring out your best look. Jude’s Barbershop is here to take all the trouble out of finding the perfect haircut for you.

Start With Your Face Shape

Believe it or not, your face shape significantly impacts how haircuts look on you. Similar styles on two different face shapes will produce completely different overall looks, both in the mirror and in how others see you. If you’ve never had a barber tailor a cut and style to your specific face shape, that’s one more reason to enjoy the Jude’s difference. We’ve got the best in the business to help identify and base your haircut on your unique features. 

Our first step is identifying the type of face shape that you have. Everyone’s different, but most people fall into one of these basic face shape types, and from there, we can always tailor a haircut to individual preferences. 


An oval face shape is longer from forehead to chin than your cheekbones are wide and tends to be less wide in the jaw compared to the forehead area. Oval is a very common face shape and versatile enough to accommodate any haircut well. Just because it is common, however, doesn’t mean that your face isn’t unique or that we can’t individualize your haircut—here at Jude’s, it’s important to us to make sure that you can trust your barbers! Haircuts are a personal expression; we will always ensure you’re happy with your choice.


The next most common face shape is square. When you think of movie stars with the rock-jawed look, you’re probably thinking of a square-shaped face. The square jaw and the strong, masculine features of this shape make any style look good, but we recommend keeping your hair more voluminous with this shape. Side parts or a healthy quiff can be fantastic looks to pair with a strong square-shaped face.


Round faces are pleasant but can be tricky when it comes to hairstyles. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Angular styles with either a side part or an intense quiffed look will help grant your face more definition, offsetting the roundness and giving you a more mature look. Adopting a more rounded or swept-back hairstyle is always possible if you want to lean into the baby-faced look!

Heart Shaped

The heart-shaped face is a classical archetype narrower at the chin than at the forehead and requires a careful balancing act of styles. You’ll want to be sure that any facial hair on your jaw balances out your hairstyle, and if you are clean-shaven or going with a short stubble look, a shorter and more ordered hairstyle will give your features the right sort of balance.

So Many Styles, So Little Time!

Now that you know a little more about each face shape and how it can affect your choice, let’s look at the different types of hairstyles and how they might suit you.

Buzz Cuts and Crew Cuts

These short styles suit those who want a low-maintenance and simple haircut. A buzz cut is simply shaving almost everything off with the clippers, while a crew cut leaves the hair shorter on the sides but longer on top. It’s a very masculine style that shows off your strong features.


This popular style has a thicker mass of hair on top, but a close-cropped shave on the bottom and sides blended to create a smooth look. There are fades of different kinds and lengths, each versatile enough to suit any face and individual style, making this perfect for any age and lifestyle.


In a modern coiffed hairstyle, the quiff is shorter on the sides and longer on the top and favors a messier hairstyle. This trendy style requires more maintenance than the others.


Some men prefer to keep their hair long on top and shave the sides and back without blending, creating a bold and striking appearance. These are easy to maintain and style at home.


Speaking of striking, a fauxhawk is similar to a quiff except that the hair is styled together into a sort of ridge resembling a mohawk. Fauxhawks require similar maintenance as a quiff, especially to keep the ridge firm. Use professional hair products made specifically for men and boys to keep your haircut looking the way it did when you left the barbershop.

Flow and Longer Styles

Flow hairstyles have a lot of volume and body and are high-maintenance styles emphasizing the layered locks. Men’s longer styles also include straight and curly hair, which requires more effort than shorter styles but can add a daring touch that stands out in any crowd.

Your Guides to Expert Styles

Need more help picking out the perfect style for you? Forget the “men’s haircuts near me” searches—Jude’s Barbershop is your one-stop center for everything men’s style. Our barbers are highly experienced and exceptional professionals who know how to listen and turn your specific wants and needs into the right haircut for you. We’ll give you maintenance advice and style options, and we’ll always be happy to see you back in for touch-ups. 
If you’ve never had a full barbershop experience with the straight razor cleanup, hot towel massage, and the works, then do yourself a favor and schedule a cut and style with us today!

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