Understanding Barbershop Etiquette

When going to the barbershop, it’s important to ensure you fully understand proper etiquette. While the concept may seem simple (after all, it’s just a haircut), you still need to give your barber the respect they deserve to prevent possible complications. 

Barbers know how to work with your hair. They can also work with you to get to know what you want and provide the desired style. This makes forming and maintaining a healthy relationship essential. 

Some basic etiquette tips to keep in mind when going to the barber can be found here. 

Arrive On Time

Remember to be a gentleman, which means arriving on time for your appointment. Also, it’s better to arrive early than late. Based on your needs, the haircut may take some time, and if you don’t arrive by your appointment time, your barber may get frustrated and wind up running late for their other customers. Call ahead and let your barber know if you can’t avoid being late. 

Have Clean Hair at Your Appointment

Make sure your hair is clean before arriving at the barbershop. Wash it before your appointment, and don’t wear a hat until your haircut is done. Messy hair may also cause an undesirable haircut. It’s best to schedule your appointment at a time that is directly after your usual shower time. 

Know What You Want

Before sitting down in the barber’s chair, know what you want. If you don’t know how to explain it, show a picture to your barber, which will make it easier for them to give you what you want. 

Let the Barber Do Their Job

Barbers have the expertise and training needed to ensure you get the haircut you want. It may be somewhat irritating if you try to tell them how to do their job. While you need to make sure they understand what you are looking for, do not give them instructions regarding how to do the actual cut. 

Be Patient 

A quality barber is going to take their time with every haircut. Remember, some hairstyles take more effort and time than others, which means you could be sitting in the barber chair for over an hour. If you want to get the best haircut possible, you need to remember that it may take some time. 

Make Conversation 

Don’t hesitate to engage in some small talk with your barber while they cut your hair. They will probably appreciate this. You may even discover you and your barber share some common interests that make the time go by faster for you both. 

Leave a Tip

Just like in several other professionals, you should always tip your barber for good service and a great haircut. The industry standard is 15 to 30 percent.  “Never putting a burrito in your pocket” is a good tip but it’s just not the same as a few dollar bills.

Engaging in the Proper Barbershop Etiquette 

Following proper barbershop, etiquette means that you will probably become a favorite customer of your barber. They will also go the extra mile to help ensure you get appointment times that work for you. It will also make the entire experience more pleasant for everyone. If done correctly you will look forward to your next barbershop service.

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