What You Need To Know About Growing Your First Beard

what you need to know about growing your first beard

Most men take a lot of pride in their appearance. A fresh haircut, well-manicured beard and appealing clothing are all crucial parts of a man’s appearance. Approximately 33% of the men in the United States have some type of facial hair. In the past few years, beards have made a resurgence in popularity. If you are ready to embrace the beard trend, you need to be prepared for the hard work ahead.  

On average, it takes around six months to grow a full beard. Are you about to embark on your beard-growing journey? If so, you need to consider some of the information contained in this article. 

Growing a Beard Can Get Ugly

If you have never grown a beard before, you are embarking on unfamiliar territory once your facial hair grows past a certain point. You need to realize that during certain phases of your beard growing journey, you will have to deal with some unappealing elements. There will be times when your facial hair might look patchy, uneven and unappealing. Instead of giving up on your beard when these problems start to occur, you need to wait it out. 

Generally, these unappealing periods will only last for a short time. This is why you need to wait and let your facial hair fill in the patches and uneven parts of your face. While waiting for these “ugly periods” to pass can be frustrating, it is definitely worth the time and aggravation you encounter. 

Realize the Importance of Beard Maintenance

Once you hit the three-week mark of your facial hair growing journey, your beard will start to fill in. One of the biggest mistakes new beard growers make is failing to realize just how important proper beard maintenance is. Without proper moisturizing and combing, your beard will become a tangled and dandruff-filled mess. Rather than allowing this to happen, you need to invest in the right beard care products. 

Using a high-quality beard balm, shampoo, and conditioner are vital. By applying these products regularly, you can keep your beard looking great. Not only do these products help your beard hair, they also help to moisturize the skin under your facial hair. Developing a beard care routine is vital when trying to keep your facial hair looking its absolute best. 

Avoid the Urge To Shave Your Beard

Throughout the many stages of growing a beard, you may be tempted to shave it. While a beard can be itchy and at times unappealing, it is also a great addition to your physical appearance. If you feel like your new beard is becoming unmanageable, then you need to work on shaping it a bit. The best way to shape your beard is by investing in a quality trimmer. 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this trimming on your own, working with an experienced barber is a good move. With this professional help, you can avoid taking too much length off your beard. 

With the information in this article, you can grow a full and appealing beard.

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